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Highest Quality, Competitive Price

F.E. Wood has pelletized sample feedstock in order to perform chemical tests. This feedstock is very similar to what the operation will feed into the pellet press. The results below show that our pellets have significantly lower ash, fine particle, and chemical content than the ENplus A1 standard requires. The ENplus A1 specifications exceed all domestic North American pellet standards, including PFI Super Premium. 


ENplus A1

FE Wood Pellets

Moisture Content

< 10.0%


Fines (% mass)

< 1.0%


Ash Content (% mass)

< 0.7%


Net Calorific Value (GJ/ton)

16.5 < 19


Nitrogen Content (% mass)

< 0.3%


Sulfur Content (% mass)

< 0.02%


Bagged Pellet Fuel


F.E. Wood will provide bagged pellet fuel for local residential heating markets.  This fuel will be available at the mill, or can be arranged through our distribution channels.


Bulk Pellet Fuel

The majority of our pellets are committed to bulk shipment.  
Our facility will have storage on-site to maintain long-term contracts, as well as an export terminal and storage facility.  

Our facility is equipped to load any type of bulk delivery vehicle, with minimal fines and dust due to a downspout loading system and fines are screened prior to loading.