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Dean Wood - President

Home address 5 Brown Road, West Baldwin, ME, 04091


  Operations manager for F.E. Wood & Sons, Pallet and Sawmill facilities for 14 years, and Production manager for the Pallet facilities for 9 years before that. While overseeing operations, he managed customer contracts, rapidly changing production schedules, inventory and supplier relationships, and trained and managed personnel at both Sawmill and Pallet facilities. While in both positions, Dean filled roles in delivery, sales, production, and maintenance, all while managing both operations.

  As President, Dean is currently leading Feedstock Procurement efforts for the new facility, and working with the Project Development Team to ensure long-term stability of the operation.  Dean will play an ongoing role in driving and overseeing Feedstock Procurement, continuing a long tradition of working side by side with suppliers.  His work will provide suppliers with a long-term view of our efforts, as well as a fair and transparent working relationship every day.

Anthony Wood - Vice President

Home address 5 Brown Road, West Baldwin, ME, 04091
Contact 207-210-7805,


  Graduate of Clarkson University in 2007, Tony holds a BS in Interdisciplinary Engineering and Management, with a concentration in Project Management.  He has spent 5 years working in Sales, and Industrial Control and Process Design, providing technical and engineering resources to customers all over Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.  While designing and implementing automation and process systems, he has played a key role in managing sales and customer accounts in his territories across New England.

  As Vice President, Tony is coordinating and leading the Project Development Team on a daily basis.  He is also engaged in ongoing talks with potential clients, project financing resources, and assembling the last members of the construction and operations team.  Tony will be involved throughout the construction and operation phases, providing technical expertise and ongoing management of the facility operations.

Expert Resources

 The design and the implementation of the production process will be performed by Seeger Engineering - Green Energy, an independent Renewable Energy Consulting & Engineering firm for Pellet Manufacturing and Biomass Power Plants. Their engineering and operations resources will support this facility through planning, permitting, startup, operations and maintaining operations.  Their connections to the Biomass Energy market are substantial, and they have leveraged their network to bring us customer interest from the United States and Europe, as well as working to negotiate and secure these customer agreements for our future production capacity.

  Seeger's experience is founded on 15 years of designing and constructing pellet plants, 20 years of supplying wood processing machineries, and 30 years of planning and construction of biomass fired boilers, power- and CHP-plants. The design-lead for Pellet Manufacturing Facility will be held by SEEGER ENGINEERING AG (“Seeger”, Within the last two decades Seeger has designed, engineered, and constructed over 70% of Germany’s pellet production capacity and a wide range of Biomass Power Plants.

 Bernstein Shur is one of northern New England’s largest multi-service law firms, with more than 100 attorneys in Maine and New Hampshire. Established in 1915, the firm provides practical legal counsel to a diverse group of public and private clients throughout the region and around the world.  

In particular, their Energy, Contract Law, Permitting and Project Development resources have been instrumental to the advance of the FE Wood project, from project financing advisory, to contract negotiations, to permitting preparations, to legal advisory across the project spectrum.  The BSSN team has an outstanding reputation that is well founded, with many years of experience working in Maine, and building exciting projects like ours from the ground up.