Working in Maine, to Provide Energy for the World - F.E. Wood - Natural Energy

Location and Facilities

The Project will be built on a 104-acre site in West Baldwin, Maine owned by FE Wood & Sons.  Located 28 miles outside of Portland, Maine, the facility has easy access to an underutilized wood basket.  The site is also located close by sub transmission electrical service, and is served by all other utilities necessary to operate the project. FE Wood and Sons cleared the facility footprint in September 2014.

Project Location - West Baldwin, Maine

Site Location - West Baldwin, Maine

Facility Layout - West Baldwin, Maine

Logistics and Port Infrastructure

Located in southwestern Maine, the facility has close proximity to the ports of Portland and Searsport, which are both viable export facilities for wood pellets.  The port of Portland also hosts one of New England's only container terminals, operated by the Maine Port Authority and Ports America, capable of shipping via Eimskip's shipping line directly to the port of Rotterdam, and connections to many others.  The site is adjacent to Maine State Route 113, with two points of access.  The project will be served by a dedicated transportation company operated by F.E. Wood & Sons, which will provide bulk pellet delivery to the Port of Searsport.  

Sprague Energy - Portland, Maine

Sprague Energy - Searsport, Maine

Portland Container Terminal - Portland, Maine

Shipping Service Map from Portland, Maine

In addition to road access, the site also abuts Mountain Division rail corridor, an existing but currently out-of-service line that runs from West Baldwin to the Port of Portland. The state of Maine is in the process of rehabilitating this line and returning it to service. 

Development Timeline
FE Wood has received all permits for the construction and operation of the facility from the Town of Baldwin, and has received draft Air Emissions permits from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.  An EPC contractor has been selected to provide final design and production guarantees for the facility.  Construction of the facility will begin in Summer of 2015, and will begin commercial operations in Summer of 2016.