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Our commitment to Maine runs deep...             

F.E. Wood & Sons is a 5th generation forest products company, based in West Baldwin, Maine.  The company has owned and operated sawmills and pallet mills for over 130 years.  New markets for renewable energy in the United States and Europe, combined with a need for stable low grade fiber demand in a depressed region of New England 
have driven F.E. Wood to bring a new industry to Western Maine.

F.E.Wood Natural Energy (FEWNE) is building a 150,000 metric ton(mTper year exporwood pellet manufacturing facility in West Baldwin, Maine.  Dean Wood and Tony Wood, the 4th and 5th generation owners of F.E. Wood & Sons, 
are the majority shareholders and managers of the project, and have assembled an impressive team to execute on the project.

The FE Wood team is made up of Maine-based companies and professionals, with generations of stewardship in the forests and work in our communities and mills.  We are dedicated to the growth of the forest products industry and revitalization of the communities we work in.  FE Wood is utilizing innovative technologies and best practices, as well as decades of experience in the wood pellet industry to build a world-class manufacturing facility.

We will continue to provide updates through the construction and operation process, and welcome questions and involvement from the community.  Stay tuned!

F.E. Wood - Natural Energy : Working in Maine, to Provide Energy for the World.

Tony Wood
Chief Executive Officer
C: 207-210-7805

Dean Wood
Head of Procurement and Logistics
C: 207-286-5003